Today Was A Good Day

As an organic search marketer you deal with alot of stuff. Google always fighting you, clients aren’t sure whether to trust you or not. But for some reason, I think today is a good day…



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5 Image Design Tools For Non-Graphic Designers

5 Image Design ToolsWe live in an age where everyone in on the move and blogs are a dime-a-dozen. In order to stand out on social media and keep your readers interested, you need visuals. Images are absolutely required for any blog post to shine. The problem is that a lot of images are copyright, and using those can get you in a lot of trouble.

There’s always public domain images, but anyone can use those, so they’re not unique per se. That leaves one option:

Make your own images.

Easier said than done though, am I right? I may be able to start a blog with my eyes closed, but I’m not graphic designer. Not to worry though, because today I’m going to show you 5 tools for creating your own images and infographics that don’t require a degree in graphic design.

5 Tools for Creating Unique Visuals (No Experience Required)

It’s time to put away those stock photos of people laughing while eating salad (yes, they exist) and start making your own images! Don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all, especially with these 5 tools in your belt. Let’s take a look!

  1. Piktochart

This tool allows you to make some amazing look infographics with ease. You can choose from over 100 different themes, then start customizing your image with a library of over 1,000 images to choose from. All you need to do is drag-and-drop to edit pieces of the image. Infographics are huge and very shareable, but they can be expensive to commission. This tool makes it easy.

The free option has limited selections, but enough to get what you need done. You can upgrade to the pro membership for only $29 a month if you need more options.


Here we have another excellent tool for creating infographics. With thousands of objects and templates to choose from, this tool also uses a very intuitive point-and-click interface that makes designing easy. You can also check out other user’s work to get inspiration for your own. Throw in objects, charts, and graphs with ease and for free!


Ready to take those infographics to the next level? This tool allows you to make interactive infographics and incorporate real-time data into your images. With 30 different chart types to choose from, and the option to import your own data, this is a really great way to stand out from the crowd. Pro accounts offer the real-time data option for $18 a month.

  1. Canva

This tool is a personal favorite of mine. With a free account you can create everything from flashy PDFs, to infographics, to headers, to awesome images. You can choose from a variety of dimensions or input your own, then drag and drop images, backgrounds, and objects. You can even upload your own!

There are a multitude of free options to choose from, but you can include premium elements for $1 per item. You even have 24 hours to revise any premium images you make for free!

  1. Emaze

Our final tool today allows you to create knockout slideshows, video presentations, and 3-D presentations. Without any graphic design skills, you can use this tool to create a visually impressive and professional presentation for your readers. Basic plans are free of charge, but you can upgrade for a mere $5 a month.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need Photoshop skills or graphic design experience to create great images for your blog. These tools combine user-friendly interfaces with a suite of options to customize and develop your own images, infographics, and more. In between design runs, don’t forget that you can also find public domain images of high quality at sites like Pixabay and Morguefile.

Using this public domain images and customizing them with one of the tools is a great way to turn a commonly used image into a really unique one. In many cases, you can cut out bits and pieces of several images and combine them into one using the above tools. Let your creativity shine!

What tools do you use to create images on your blog? Any others you would recommend? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below!best apartments in aurora coвидеокамеры ночного наблюденияthe hookah companyпорно анальные извращенияобъявления гуглраскрутка сайта и продвижение веб

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Six Questions to Ask When Interviewing an SEO Consultant

hiring an SEO consultantOptimizing your website for Google, Bing, or Yahoo can increase the awareness of your brand, leading to more page views, higher sales, and ultimately more profits. However, optimizing your site takes a deep understanding of search engine optimization. While you can attempt to figure the technical SEO information on your own, for the best results, it is wise to hire an SEO consultant who is well versed in SEO practices.

In order to hire the right consultant for your company, here are six questions you should ask when conducting an interview:

  1. Current and Past Clients

An SEO consultant, or SEO agency, who is well respected should be willing to offer you a list or clients. These clients act as references, which can help you determine whether or not the consultant is effective, efficient, and above board. Even if the clients can’t offer you a copy of their analytics, they should be able to let you know if they saw a difference in website growth.

  1. Methods

Ask the consultant what types of methods he or she will use to improve your SEO. If a consultant is reluctant to go in detail over his or her practices, you should be cautious about hiring them. They should be able to speak in detail about their strategies, how those work, and how long it can take to take effect on your site.

  1. Guidelines

Because SEO relies heavily on Google’s Webmaster practices, it is important to hire a consultant who strictly follows those guidelines, otherwise your website will suffer. In fact, if your site has any of the common SEO hacks, including spam or hidden links, Google could potentially remove your site from its search results altogether.

  1. Number-One Ranking

Ask the consultant if they can guarantee that your site will be on the number-one ranking list for all search engines. If they can, they are most likely using unethical practices, which is a big red flag. Additionally, if the consultant tells you he or she knows someone on the inside, who can give your site priority ranking, do not believe him or her let alone hire him or her. Only the search engines can control your site’s rank.

  1. Local Search Results

It is important to appear in the top of local search results as well, especially if looking to attract customers in the area. Since local SEO can differ slightly than regular SEO, it is critical your consultant is knowledgeable.

  1. Communication

All SEO consultants have a different method of communication they prefer. Some prefer phone calls while others prefer email. Determine what method best suits your needs. While some might be able to handle dealing with someone over email, another might prefer Skype or some other form of video messaging. Before hiring, ask what method they prefer, and how often they intend to keep you updated.

Hiring an SEO consultant can dramatically increase the growth of your site, so use the questions to ensure you have hired a reputable consultant.

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Five Tips for Successful Search Engine Marketing

Five Tips for Successful Search Engine MarketingBecause search engine optimization is an ever-changing industry, search engine marketing is ever-changing. As SEO grows in sophistication, finding success in marketing websites appropriately for SEO guidelines will take innovative ideas and unique marketing strategies.

Although SEO is a dynamic field, the one constant of SEO is that one strategy does not fit all websites, meaning that websites with a creative SEO marketing strategy stand out in search engine rankings.

Thus, here are five tips to successful search engine marketing:

  1. Schema Markup

Google favors schema markup, which is, in essence, a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to interpret the information on your website more effectively. Implementing schema markup any way you can within your website will make your search listing more visual—to both the public and to search engines. Your website stands out, which will dramatically increase your website’s organic traffic.

Schema markup is an easy way to implement SEO into your website that will yield big results. Additionally, only around 36 percent of websites currently use this markup. Implementing it into your site will give you an edge in search engine popularity.

  1. Local Search

Google is committed to optimizing local search results, which they proved with their Pigeon update. In order to benefit from Pigeon, websites need to renovate their local search campaign by emphasizing the business’s neighborhood. This includes not only updating your local address and phone number, but also adding neighborhood descriptions in your business title for Google places and in your content, which will aid in helping Google Maps define your target location.

  1. Content Marketing

One of the most important parts to search engine rankings is content marketing. High-quality content complete with brand citations and key phrases is the foundation of high search engine rankings. When it comes to developing high-quality content, it is crucial the content not only uses proper grammar and writing techniques, but it should also focus on visual metrics and ROI.

  1. Algorithm Trends

In order to stay on top of SEO, it is important to stay up-to-date on SEO algorithm trends. Google consistently updates their SEO algorithms, and this year they updated the top three SEO algorithms: Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. These updates had lasting effects on all websites—some positive and some negative.

Most sites that were negatively affected by the algorithm updates were unaware of the upcoming changes. Google had announced in advance the impending changes, giving websites plenty of time to update their sites to the new code standards. However, websites that did not pay attention are still paying for their mistake. Thus, staying up-to-date is crucial to your website’s search engine rankings.

  1. Branding Emphasis

Because Google is taking a more vested interest in the quality of SEO implementation instead of the technical quantity, it is important for business’s to brand themselves relationally to their target audience.

When it comes to marketing your site for search engines, it is critical to stay on top of current trends so you can develop a creative strategy for your brand.

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Choosing Good Stock Images For Your Website Design


Image source:

When designing a website for your business, you need to think about the perception this creates. Your website is a shop window for your business, open around the clock to the world at large. The first thing visitors to your website will judge is your graphic design. This includes the images, colors and design features of your site, which all combine to create the visual identity of your website. The visual impact of your site has the capacity to create a first impression, even before your first words of copy are noticed. This makes it essential, especially for those running small businesses, to have the right images and visuals for their website design.

When you are choosing stock images for the web, you need to firstly think about the composition you are looking for. This depends on a number of factors, your business type being one of them. Certain types of business will require a certain look – for example, medical and health related businesses may need a clinical finish to the images they choose. Others may benefit from a more homely, or warm finish to the images and photographs they use. Be prepared to search for the right images and the right finish so you can find what most closely resembles the ideal perception of your business.

Certain features of images can influence how they are interpreted. This has been shown to have a direct impact on the rates of conversion from visitors to buyers. Images with people in them, for example, have been proven to be more attractive and more eye-catching than images without people in them. This is particularly true of facial close-ups. It is no coincidence that many stock images revolve around people – this can have a substantial effect in increasing the instant eye-catching appeal of your design.

Another important aspect of choosing your images is resolution. This will have a massive influence on how readily or otherwise you can scale up photos. The last thing you want is a distorted, low-resolution image on your website detracting from the design work you do. At the same time, larger resolution files may be more difficult to deal with, and may have longer load times as a result of their larger size. For this reason, it’s wise to choose images that are as practically sized as possible for your needs. Fortunately, many stock images can be filtered by size and resolution, so you can find the most suitable option for your needs.

Image source:

Image source:

Choosing good images for using with your website is something that invariably takes time and careful thought. The more you invest in the creative side of pulling your website together, the more accurately this will represent your business and what you are trying to achieve. A website is now an essential, fundamental business tool, like a phone number or a contact address. But a poor website, or a design that looks unprofessional, can do much more damage to your reputation and your ability to sell.

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Where to Start With Infographics and Blog Content

freedomThose who have spent any time at all learning about how to build a better blog, have most likely encountered the phrase “good content.” Writing good content is touted as one of the most important keys to achieving online success.

The creation of quality articles and useful information on your site can produce a number of positive and effective outcomes. These include:

•  Online authority

•  Increase of your reputation as an internet presence

•  Word-of-mouth publicity

•  Credibility that makes your blog legitimate and not dismissible as potential spam

•  Other sites backlinking to your blog

Though it might take a little extra effort and research, posting quality content on your site can be one of the most rewarding ways to enhance a blog. If these sound like the qualities that your blog is missing right now, here are some informative tips for creating gripping infographics and other engaging content.


You have probably heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, a infographic is a term used to describe any kind of visual representation of data or other information. These illustrations, such as charts or diagrams, are a highly effective way to capture an audience’s attention and present a lot of information in a concise and easy to understand manner.

Infographics work because they can be easily tweeted and shared on social media sites and because they take advantage of the fact that most audiences lack the time and attention to devote to an entire article.

Where to Start with Infographics and Blog ContentWhere to Begin

In crafting a catchy infographic or writing an engaging article, the best place to start is with good information. Spend the extra time to gather quality research or data and do a cursory survey of what has already been written about your topic.

Just like your English teacher always told you, conducting a bit of research upfront can go a long ways in saving you time during the writing process and generating a polished final product. And with the wealth of information available online, it is easy to do some fact checking. However, it is also easy to run into incorrect information. So pay attention and double check things.

A great way to conduct research on a regular basis is to read often and keep notes about things you see in the news or online. Later, when you need to write about a topic, you will have a wealth of stored information upon which to draw.

Write and Design

The next phase is to simply start writing. Writing takes hard work along with a little sprinkling of information. The best way to start is to simply get to it.

When blogging, it is important to write in a clear and everyday voice that will be easy to understand. Clarity is key. Avoiding wordiness by being concise can be a great way to develop good content.

If you are hoping to design an infographic, there are several places to start. A wealth of professional designers and tools are available for hire on the internet. But if you would rather try the cheaper method of DIY, then there are also many free website to aid you.

Some design aspects to keep in mind are to focus on a single data visualization and not get distracted by too much text or unnecessary details. These things can be included in the body of the article which will accompany the graphic. Also, make sure to include a mention of the article and the URL back to the original so that it does not become disconnected from your work after numerous shares on other sites.

With these tips, you will be on your way to improving your blog with carefully crafted content and attractive infographics.

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Benefits of Hiring an Outside Company for Your IT Needs

Benefits of Hiring an Outside Company for Your IT NeedsInformation technology solutions are something that every company needs. Having reliable IT support is absolutely crucial for a business, no matter what that business does or its size. No matter if you have ten clients or two thousand, IT is something that needs to always be reliable.

There are essentially two ways as to how you can approach IT solutions for your company. One is to hire one or more people and form an internal IT department. This works for some companies, but in many cases there is a better solution. That solution is to hire an outside company to take care of your IT needs. There are many benefits to having an outside company as your IT provider, and this article will list some of those benefits.

Out of Your Hands

Choosing to have an outside company for your IT needs will help streamline things. If you have an internal IT department, that department might need to occasionally outsource problems that they cannot handle themselves. With an outside IT company, you can be certain that this won’t be the case, as if they ever experience a problem dealing with your company they will solve it themselves.

If you ever experience an issue with your IT solutions, usually a simple call to your IT provider will solve the issue. That’s because they have everything set up the way they know how to do it, and can thus solve the problem easier.

Some IT and web development companies  like Mentel, will even provide IT staffing. s a great solution for companies looking for help.


Outsourcing your IT to a company will likely be cheaper than maintaining your own internal IT department. This is true for a number of reasons. For one, having an entire additional department full of employees is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for salaries, you have to include other employee related costs too.

Additionally, if something ever goes wrong, downtime in the IT sector could mean a loss of business. Slow network speeds that last for hours or even days means less productivity, and ultimately that costs you money. With an outside IT company, you’ll be certain that any issue is quickly resolved and if it’s not you might receive credit.


With an outside IT company, you’re dealing with professionals. They will always be able to solve your issues, and do it in a way that is quick and professional. If you have an IT company come in when you set up your network, you can set everything exactly to your specifications and then stay with the same company for as long as business stays good.

Having an outside IT company is just simply easier. It’s less of a hassle, and it’s one less thing to go wrong. For companies of all sizes, it makes more sense than having an internal IT department as it means less to deal with. Consider hiring an outside information technology company today.

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Hosting Considerations in a Competitive Market

Our word has gone viral; everything is online and we all strive to improve our websites, the way we market ourselves, and the efficiency of our communication efforts. As a result, there are numerous companies that all want to host your website. Finding the right company in a sea of options with frantic waving arms shouting, “come join my platform” can be stressful. There are many considerations that should be on the forefront of your reasoning; these include expansiveness, quality, and customer service. Speed is also important, and when looking for a provider that offers 1gbpsunmetered, these considerations must be tackled until you have a solid reason to partner with the best company to suit your needs. This article will highlight some concerns you should have, and help you become more informed in your quest to find your ideal hosting solution.

How long is their arm? 

I can’t stress this enough. When looking for a hosting provider, stay away from those operations with a limited reach. When it comes to hosting, look for a company with an impressive landscape of coverage, as this testifies to their ability to grow and meet high demands. This will attest to the sure signs of a company being stable and reliable, as they are assuming greater responsibility than “Joe’s Hosting Shack” from Small Town USA. After all, you don’t want to entrust your business and online reputation to a provider that is scrambling for the crumbs that fall from the big fat cookie in the distance. Go with a company that has a national profile.

Demand quality 

In today’s technologic society, you must demand quality. E-commerce has become insanely lucrative for retailers. However, small businesses across the country report they are “less than satisfied” with their hosting service. We all know that servers can go down (from time to time) even with the best companies. But in times like this, customer service is paramount. In a consumer watch article published by PC World, the author stresses the importance of having your website hosted by a company with exceptional customer service on hand 24/7. The article examines a woman whose business was gaining steam and sales were going up. Then after a long holiday weekend the host’s server went down. The business owner was unable to reach anyone in tech support to fix the problem until the following Tuesday, and her web problems were only beginning to take on the semblance of a real nightmare. The author writes that The company’s self-touted 24/7 tech support turned out to be more like 24/5 since the support staff was never available on weekends. Even on weekdays, getting a response often took hours. The business owner decided she wanted out when she realized she had more than a dozen unanswered support calls pending, and she had to fight tooth and nail to get a month’s refund due to the issues.

This is exactly the kind of mess you will want to avoid at all cost. When you contact your potential hosting provider, site examples such as this one, and ask them how they would have handled this situation, had it been their server that went down.

Interview the provider
When looking for a company to host your website you must demand good range, quality and exceptional customer service. When contacting various providers, interview them and make hem earn your business. Ask them how often their servers go down, and what steps they take to correct the issue. Ask about turn around times, customer satisfaction rankings, and how expansive their client base is. You can’t power a jet with applesauce, so it only makes sense that if you expect to be a force to be reckoned with, your hosting provider must fuel your online presence with a powerful and reliable platform.

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How to Get Started in Graphic Design

Whether you’re looking for a full on career change or simply just a new hobby to make some extra money on the side, graphic design is a fun and exciting venture that attracts people from all different walks of life. Having graphic design skills is just as important as having writing skills in today’s digital world that’s full of info-graphics and digital displays. The great thing about graphic design is you don’t need to be an expert to create awesome things that you can either display on your free website from, or even to work as a freelance graphic designers. You can do a lot of awesome things with just some basic background knowledge of different graphic design programs. If you’re interested in graphic design, check out these tips on good ways to get into the field and join the fun.

Web Tutorials

One of the best ways to learn the basics of graphic design is to simply just look at some web tutorials. There are thousands of free web tutorials for just about every single thing you can do with graphic design software, so search around the Internet to find some that fit what you want to do. Simply search for free beginners graphic design tutorials, and you’ll be able to quickly pick up some basic skills and go from there. Tutorials come in the form of videos and text graphics, so find a tutorial that works with your preferred method of learning. You might need to download some graphic design software in order to get the most out of these web tutorials, but if you can’t afford expensive software you still may be in luck; many public and school libraries have computers that are loaded with all the different kinds of software.


If you’re more of a hands on learner and prefer benefit of having a professional teach you, opt to take an introduction to graphic design course through your local college. For some people, learning graphic design through watching online videos can be tough and having a teacher around makes learning a whole lot easier. You may even find that you have a knack for graphic design, and you may want to even pursue a degree in the field. Taking some courses in graphic design will give you everything you need to start creating some cool stuff, so don’t sit around any longer and get started with graphic design today!

Teach Yourself

If you don’t feel like you’d benefit from the above choices and are a quick learner, teaching yourself graphic design is definitely doable. If you’ve got the software, play around with it to see what it can do and you’ll quickly start to pick up what works and what doesn’t. It may be a little difficult to figure out the more complicated things programs like Photoshop can do, but if you get stuck there are always the web tutorials. Whatever you choose, just make sure you play around with it because you’ll never learn simply by reading the textbooks!

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Piecing Together the SEO Puzzle

Piecing Together the SEO PuzzleWhen people attempt to put jigsaw puzzles together, many will start by locating the four corners. Then they will collect the edge-pieces and build the border before filling it in with the remaining pieces. SEO (search engine optimization) works very much the same way: before you can utilize the science of SEO, you need to construct a foundation, using such resources as and Facebook—the accoutrements of online marketing that hold the SEO puzzle together.

Finding the Four Corners

There are four main components that make SEO successful. Listing your business in an online directory that offers a website  (so long as it is indexed to work with the search engines) is an ideal place to start. Facebook and Twitter can be joined together and linked to your website, and will serve as a force to aid in optimization. Also, Google + is a viable source for harnessing social signals to enhance SEO campaigns. In an article published by Search Engine Watch the author examines the importance of using social media outlets within SEO. The article states that links on SERPs are like shelves in a store: owning more shelf space, and the more varieties you have to offer, will drive in more clicks to the website. Further website promotion of your social media assets can only improve your end game.  Once these vital components have been pieced together, it’s time to pick up the remaining pieces and start a strategic plan of action.

The Big Picture in Question 

Using the right SEO strategies will help you see the big picture of your business for what it is and what it can become. But more importantly, SEO techniques, if correctly implemented, will drive more business to your website and you will be making more transactions via “clicks”. Here are things you can do:

·      Write a blog and optimize it
·      Link building to relevant sites
·      Keyword mapping
·      Social media marketing
·      Link baiting (social media will help here)

One of the most common in-home SEO methods that business owners are turning to is blogging. But be warned, writing a blog involves utilizing a science imbedded in your content. When blogging, key words and site linking are, of course, important. But the content itself holds even greater importance. After all, if you aren’t fresh and current with your subject matter and it isn’t relevant to your products or brand, you will not be reaching the wide audience you could otherwise be capturing. The first thing a reader sees is the title of your blog. Make it fun. Create a title that sparks interest by utilizing a play on words or a pun. The title will automatically tell a person if they want to invest in reading it, or give it a miss and search for something else. The title is the first impression, and oddly enough your SEO rests on a good title that wont send people fleeing the other way once they have found you.

The Power of You

Conduct some smart research and learn how to build the foundation to the site that will ultimately house and run your powerful SEO engines. Having good content, a strong social media presence, and a quality foundation to support it all, will help propel your website up the ladder of higher organic placement. Then, if you are able to grace the first page of Google, the complete picture will be revealed, as the puzzle will be intact.

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